From Mambo CMS to Magento

Running an online store can seem daunting. Your store is open to everyone in the world that has the internet. There are tools that can help you manage your online store as best you can. Using a commerce platform can help keep all your information in one spot. A commerce platform is a cloud based platform. This cloud based platform includes your accounting, POS, inventory and order management, merchandising, customer service, and financials. Having all these tools in one place will help streamline your online business.

Why Magento?

A commerce platform can do wonders for your business, but which one should you choose? A great choice is Magento. Magento ecommerce platform has many great features. Magento keeps track of your customers buying habits. With this information you can be ahead of customer trends. Magento is open source making it flexible and helps you adapt fast. You’ll have 150,000 developers and over 300 highly trained solution partners at your fingertips. With Magento you have the flexibility to customize and extend your platform. Magento is one of the most used commerce platform. Many online businesses have boosted sales and maximized margins through Magento.

Magento Extensions

Magento sounds like the ultimate tool for your online business. But there are extensions that can be added onto the commerce platform to improve it. Extensions can do a lot to improve your Magento platform. Some extensions can integrate your social networks with your online store. There are extensions to improve user interface. Extensions can also be used to track different stats that normally would be tracked. One great extension is a blog extension. A blog extension will allow you to put a blog onto your online store. Blogging has become an essential tool in the online store market. A blog will let you keep your customers informed and up to date on products. It can also help you connect on a personal level with new customers. Blog extensions can also help your customers navigate your website easier. Some extensions includes many templates and widgets to add menus and links to other parts to your site. There are many different options for extensions. You’ll have to find which extension fits your online business’s’ needs.

Magento is the most used platform by online stores. Many businesses have been able to improve how the interact with their customers through Magento. You can even further connect with them by using an extension. Using Magento and an extension will do nothing but improve your online store. Over 250,000 stores have had major success with just Magento. Many stores sell more at a lower TCO than other store using other platforms. Magento would be a very solid choice for a commerce platform.

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